Big Bang Japan Dome Tour in 2013 – 2014 Recap !!!

Dustincollinsmusic – In 2013 – 2014 the superstar K-pop boy band Big Bang made a groundbreaking record of 70.6 Million USD from their tour ticket sales. The tour consists of 6 cities, started from Saitama, Osaka, Fukuoka, Nagoya, Tokyo and Sapporo and right before returning, they performed three final performances in Osaka. The tour was attended by 778.000 fans more or less, and more than 50.000 organizers are participated in this grand tour. 

Total budgets of more than 25.5 million USD were used to create the stages, staff members, contract with Jamie King the maestro of staging who previously worked with Madonna, Britney Spears, and Michael Jackson as the tour director, the famous Roy Bennet as in charge of the stage lighting, and Veneno as the tour videographer. 

With the dream team line ups, and the stage itself is a echoing 30 meters center stage, and 6 50 meters protruding stages, which spread out from the center of the stage to the fans, plus a numbers of stage lightings and high-tech equipments plus magnificent LED screens and multiple high quality speakers, are present to give amazing concert to the roaring VIPs all around japan. Read Permainan Judi Online Menjadi Budaya Baru di Kalangan Generasi Milenial dalam Mengadu Keberuntungan so you’ll know how and why the online gambling is like a culture.

Big Bang amazing performances combined with their fans enthusiasms create one of the best K-pop concerts in Japan. Starting with their hits songs during that year, such as, Fantastic baby, Haru-haru, Lies, and the list goes on. Plus the audiences get to see each of the member solo performances, especially Taeyang’s Wedding Dress succeed make the VIPs screams throughout the songs. 

As an addition, one of the members Daesung is currently promoting himself as a solo artist, and already performed 15 concerts and gathered around 170.000 fans. If Bigbang and Daesung’s concert combined they brought over 1.000.000 fans for only the year of 2014. 

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