Cheryl Cole’s Song “Screw You” Lyrics Is All About Her Ex-Hubby ?

Dustincollinsmusic – The song Screw You which performed by Cheryl Cole and Wretch 32, has sad and bitter lyrics which began to spark a speculation that this song is all about her Ex-Husband Ashley Cole, and only released a lyrics video of the song which featured photos submitted by over 1.000 fans. 

Even Though she doesn’t mention her ex in the lyrics, but it was pretty obvious that the lyrics were aimed at him. One of the lyrics was “ I can still remember our first date, never thought i would scream i hate ya”, it was pretty clear. In 2010 Ashley Cole was accused of cheating on her with several women, though Cheryl has reportedly had several attempts to get back to him. 

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During an interview with Piers Morgan, She said that she will always love him. The song was first released on twitter, by a post containing the youtube link to an audio track. On Twitter, plenty of her followers tweeted about the same topic, that the “Screw You” track was all about You Know Who. Wretch 32 as the collaborator quoted that she’s a “Superstar”, he even mentions while being interviewed by MTV that he recorded a song that’s very edgy and cool. 

Cheryl even made a comeback as a judge in The X Factor after the song was released, and while dating Tre Holloway back then, she made an appearance in Denmark and even performed in Copenhagen as part of The Voice UK Tour. 

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